Rings for Jet Engines

The Rings for Jet Engines Department has been supplying rings to the civil and military aircraft engine market for over 40 years.

Defontaine’s success on this market  is built on the mastery we have developed around our manufacturing process.
These rings, also known as “FRS” (Forgé, Roulé, Soudé / Flash butt welded rings)  are made from long products with a section close to the profile of the final shapes, to SAVE  volume of the material used.

Breaking into  this market to supply rough rings as a subcontractor manufacturing products defined by its customers, Defontaine has developed experience over the years as a machine tool operator to the aeronautical industry to meet the demand for parts or sub assemblies ready to be integrated on the assembly lines.

Furthermore, with the recent acceleration in new engine development dynamics, Defontaine R.J.E., renowned for its experience, has been brought in at the various development phases in a concurrent engineering approach.

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